aftrART is funded in part by Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art’s GOOD ‘N PLENTY Artist Award.

Whether we’ve gone to school or not, finding ways to make a living while pursuing the arts is a complicated balance — one of which we’re not always prepared to take on.

We spend lots of time talking about art, creativity, and opportunities, but not much time is spent exploring ways to connect them.

But that’s where aftrART comes in.

Whether you’ve just discovered your passion for art, you’re unsure of how to apply your art education to real-world situations, or need some inspiration to get back into the game, aftrART is committed to providing consistent, up-to-date resources that help artists find success, however they choose to define it.

Each week, you’ll find new blog posts and videos about all the things that happen in the peripheral of art-making like business, marketing, education, professional practices, artists’ experiences, and more.


Amanda Mollindo

About Amanda Mollindo

aftrART Founder

As a fine artist and digital marketer, Amanda Mollindo uses beauty and clarity to amplify stories that matter. By finding relevance in complex ideas and nuance in difficult topics, she helps biotech entrepreneurs and emerging artists alike communicate their value to the people who will benefit from hearing it most.

At the Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation (CEI), she leads all marketing and communication efforts to support the business incubator's mission. With a diverse background in content production and a passion for helping businesses grow, she helps clients to develop their message through writing and visuals. 

In her spare time, she applies her marketing and business knowledge to create content for aftrART, a website that supports the professional development of student and early-career artists. Through blog posts, videos, and podcasts, she is committed to creating practical resources, sharing experiences, and increasing accessibility in the arts. 

Last but not least, she uses photography as an art form to explore personal, familial, and societal relationships that are often ignored or stigmatized. Beyond using photography as an artistic medium, she has worked for organizations like ASU’s School of Sustainability, Herberger Institute of Art and Design, Anderson Ranch Art Center, and the City of Phoenix. her work has been recognized by Scholastic Golden Key, the Society for Photographic Education, the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art and more.