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La Phnkra Music Fest

  • Monarch Theatre 122 East Washington Street United States (map)

La PHNKRA Music Fest (pronounced La Finikera Music Fest) aims to represent Phoenix’s plural identity, which flows through our Valley like the canals that sustain it.

We’re not binary nor tertiary, we balance the equation, we’re 200 percenters. We go full-blown chakas with La Alterada, dance to death with Tropicalísimos Demons and get lifted by Las Chollas Peligrosas.

That doesn’t mean we don’t rock hard with Reyno, skirt-skirt with CRUISE or lose our shit when we smash the dance floor at house parties with El Dusty. Let’s not even start talking about when DJentrification, Sir Smeezy, Stoneypie, Byron Fenix or Philo have all hands on deck.

This festival is to honor our place and who we are: Phoenikerxs fo’ life!