What Happened to aftrART?

I’ve spent the last week reading, writing, and reflecting in preparation for the New Year. And despite all of the schedules I’ve drafted and the resolutions I’ve made, I still don’t know what to expect from 2018 — but I think it’s going to be a great year, and I hope you’ll stick around for the journey

I started aftrART with two goals in mind:

  1. To help student and early-career artists (like me) understand how to build a foundation that will help them reach their creative goals
  2. Find motivation to make my own work by continually engaging in conversations about art and creativity 

I’m glad to say that I accomplished both in 2017 with varying degrees of success, but struggled to sustain aftrART as I started to focus on my own creative pursuits. That, along with lots of other changes in my life, caused the extensive and unannounced sabbatical from this project that I love so dearly. You can watch the video to hear my many excuses and sincerest gratitude for your continued support.

In the last 8 months, I’ve challenged myself professionally, creatively, and personally. Now, at long last, I finally feel like I’m ready to dedicate time to this amazing community that has somehow managed to thrive in my absence.

Here’s what you can expect next

From here on out, I’ll be posting once or twice a month, mixing informational content with personal experiences related to my own creative practice. Later in January, I’m excited to share the last episode of my Artist Interview Series with Clare Benson, an accomplished contemporary photographer who published her first monograph last year. You definitely won’t want to miss her insights on starting a career in the arts!
In the meantime, I encourage you to take a look at what I’ve been working on by visiting my newly-designed portfolio website, reading old aftrART posts you may have missed, and sharing any topic ideas that you’d like me to cover by sending an email to amanda@aftrart.com.
Let’s make 2018 a creative, productive and meaningful year together!