Artists: A Call to Arms

Artist Call to Arms.jpg

I wanted to keep politics out of this.

But I think we can all agree, with tonight’s results from the 2016 US elections, that’s just not possible.

I’m scared…I’m scared for the things I love and the people I love. I’m worried about what’s going to happen to all that we’ve accomplished. For my rights and yours. For republicans and democrats alike. For everyone outside and inside the system.

We’ve lived with racism, classism, and misogyny boiling at the foundation of our country for a long time.

We all knew it was there — there’s not hiding that fact.

And foolishly, we thought we could keep moving forward, toward change and progress. But today it’s perfectly clear that doing so will be harder than we could ever imagine.

Because forces of hate are as strong as ever.

Unfortunately, none of us know what’s coming next.

We have no idea what we’re up against…

It’s crazy how something like this just shatters your reality and makes you rethink all that you’re working for; the results of this election have snapped everything into harsh perspective for me, and it really makes me wonder what matters.

In fact, I feel really guilty. I feel like I didn’t do enough. Like I’m not doing anything to make my beliefs known, or to support the people and movements that are fighting to make this world better.

But if I know there’s one thing I’m going to take away from this and carry with me well beyond the next four years, it’s this:

Artists — our job just got harder. So much harder.

But I think, in a way, it got even more important.

I’m not saying we should all go out and make political or activist art. Even though I think this might have been the kick in the ass to get me doing just that…

But just make art. Make your voices heard. Share your ideas with those around you. Use your creativity to open hearts and change minds.

The world needs art right now.

It always has and always will, especially in times like these.

So let’s do what we can right now, and hope that what we do today will lead us to a better future.