Video Tutorial: Documenting your Artwork with an iPhone

In an ideal world, we’d all have fancy DSLR cameras, powerful lighting equipment, and the skills to document our own artwork. But the truth is… that stuff is expensive. Honestly, unless you’re planning on reproducing your work as prints, you probably have all the tools you need in your own home.

You just need to know how to use it correctly.

So for those of you who’d rather spend money on art supplies than photo equipment, look no further!

I’ve created two videos that teach you how to document your 2D and 3D artwork for free, using your iPhone and a free photo editing app, Snapseed.

Documenting 2D Artwork

Before you pull out your smartphone and thumbtacks, take a quick look at your home printer. Does it have a flatbed scanner on it that will fit your piece of art? If so, that’s by far your best option. Depending on how high-quality the scanner is, you might even be able to get a full-resolution image.

But if not, you’ll want to watch the video below.


See full resolution examples of the before and after comparisons by clicking on the images below:


Click here to see the full-resolution Images

Documenting 3D Artwork

This technique works best with smaller objects, but if you need to photograph a larger piece, then you could either find an empty, minimalistic space (think white walls and concrete floors) or purchase some seamless paper and a background stand

But if you’re photographing ceramics, jewelry, and small sculptures, this video should do the trick! 



I hope these tutorials help! And if you want to learn more about how to prepare images for the web and social media, you can sign up to download How to Art: A Beginner's Guide to Establishing Yourself as an Artist below!