2 Flaws in the Argument Against an Art Degree

If you’ve ever even considered getting an art degree, you’ve probably heard this before:


It’s either that, or a skeptical, “Oh… so… what do you plan on doing with that degree?”

We all know these folks mean well (most of the time). They don’t want us spending a butch of money on a degree that they don’t believe will lead to a lucrative future.

Take this video for example:

In my opinion, the basis of his argument feels somewhat incomplete. The schools he’s pointing out in the graph focuses on the most expensive private art colleges, but there’s not enough information available to understand where public art schools fall.

Regardless, this conversation got me thinking: Why do so many people have reservations about getting an art degree, and how do we remedy the assumption that art school is a bad idea?

After some evaluation, here’s where I think the discrepancies lie:

  1. Art school critics are misunderstanding the reasons students decide to pursue the arts
  2. They’re also using the wrong criteria to evaluate art graduates’ success

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