We support all that comes after art.

aftrART is dedicated to helping artists understand the practical side of pursuing creativity and the arts. But here,  “making it” doesn’t always mean that you’re trying to get into the Whitney Museum, sell a $20,000 piece of art, or even become a full-time artist. Success can be as simple as self-publishing your own art book, getting into your first group exhibition, or managing your time wisely to balance a job with a studio practice.

No matter what success means to you, we intend to help student and early-career artists understand their options in the arts, and show them how they can ultimately reach their creative goals — whatever they may be.


Check out the podcast! Creative Confessionals is dedicated to radically honest conversations about art, design and creative entrepreneurship from intersectional perspectives. 

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Artists Supporting Artists (And small businesses, too!)

aftrART is built on volunteer efforts to deliver as much high-quality, free content as possible. But we envision a day where this project can turn into a self-sustaining business that supports a team of artists and educators who are working to create resources, share experiences, and increase accessibility in the arts! In the meantime, we're offering project-based services to artists and entrepreneurs who seek a combination of creative support and clear guidance to help their art career or small business grow. The money generated by these projects go directly back into aftrART to create stronger work and spread our mission!